Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-Fed Beef


The pastures at Walnut Lane Farm are home to our naturally-raised, grass-fed cattle.  Our cattle are a  cross of the South Devon and Angus breeds, which grow well on a grass-based diet results in great tasting, well-marbled beef. 

We believe that raising our animals on a natural diet and without the use of added growth hormones makes for happy and healthy animals.  That, in turn makes for some mighty delicious beef.  Our grass-fed beef is lean, flavorful and brings the benefits of grass-fed nutrition to your family’s table.

Walnut Lane Farm’s grass-fed beef is currently available frozen by the cut.  We have a wide range of cuts available, from ground & stew up to the very best steaks, and everything in between.  We even have bones available for your pets.  There is no need to pre-order beef, but if you are looking for a specific cut give us a heads up & we'll try to have it ready for you.

We're in the process of developing more options for purchasing.  Stay tuned for details!